Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going to the Vet

Hi folks, Tempie here.  Mom's taking me to the vet right now.  I scared her an' Dad on Friday morning when I didn't eat any of my food.  They weren't sure if my teeth were hurting or if I actually started to miss 'Bert.

Mom made special arrangements to get me into our vet and see if my teeth need trimming, but it has to be done all in one day so she's home to give Castor all his pills.  Dad tries really hard to give Castor the pills but it doesn't work well.

So Mom and I are in the car right now.  She says it's three hours one way to the place called "the competent rabbit vet" and then if I need my teeth trimmed she has to wait until I'm out of surgery and awake before we can come home.

The funny part is all these arrangements got made and I ate all my food for the next three nights.  Mom isn't amused but I really need my teeth checked every six months anyway.  And she says it's better to find out now when I feel ok than after I start really hurting and not eating for days.


Anneke said...

Kronk does exactly the same thing, make me worry madly, not eating. When I finally decide to call the vet, take time of work to go there, offcourse little Kronk decides to start eating again!
But it's always a good thing to take our little bunnies for a dental check :)
Good luck!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Good luck at the Vet, Tempie. I don't like doctors or dentists myself.

Kim said...

Tempie- I am glad you are eating again and I hope that you are 100% after you return from the vet. Please do not scare Mom and Dad anymore- they have had a hard spring. Please return to eating well and being cute. A big cuddly bunny hug to you Tempie ♥

Betty said...

Awww Kat I am so sorry about your bunnies, losing one and then having another one being sick :( I hope Tempie will feel better soon! It is never good to have sick animals that we love the most. I will be thinking about you and your animals today.