Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Treasures from Katie!

When I got the mail on Monday there was a package from Katie at "Katie's Clay Corner" waiting for me.  Look at all the fun things from inside:

Four sweet pandas and a green bear.  A girl can't have only pandas after all. 
I think the littlest panda (far right) might be small enough to sit on Kathi's diaper cake.  I'll be checking on that as soon as it arrives. 

Some of you know Katie has been making really cool aged signs, birdhouses, and furniture lately.  She was generous enough to send not one, not two, but five(!) signs for the Nursery.  [I have censored the baby's names in this picture.  I assure you the signs are perfect and gorgeous!]

I know at least three will fit... I'm hoping for more.  I especially like the "cherish" and "treasure the moment" signs.  I think they are very fitting.

Next up are the printies.  My printer is dead so these are much, much appreciated.  Katie left them unglued so they wouldn't get smooshed in the mail.
More books!  I swear the baby will never lack for stories and diapers.  Two very important things. :-)

And a few fun extras including a shelf that I've been given orders (by Katie) to repaint.  Probably white or green so it shows up against the blue of the wall.
I don't know if you can see, but on the packaging of the panda eraser there is a tiny, pink cartoon panda.  I'm giving some real thought into putting it in the little picture frame. 

There were two more things in the package from Katie, but they're for me!
More cross stitch patterns!  I LOVE the Halloween chart!  I'm thinking it will be given a high place in my project queue.  Whenever I get the time to stitch again that is.  There are a few motifs in the other book that have captured my attention as well.

Thanks for everything Katie!  As always, you rock! :-)


Kim said...

Everything is so cute! How smart of Katie to make the signs- they will be so perfect!

Lataina said...

Wow, so many wonderful things! It's going to be such a special room. =)

Katie said...

I'm so just happy that you let us help you with this. It feels Good to give, you know!

...and now I'm going to sit and watch it all come together:)