Monday, March 14, 2011

Wainscot Installation Started

I took Sunday off from posting.  Spending time with FH, the critters, and minis was more interesting than getting stuck on the computer all day.  Especially since I worked on the Guild website on Friday and Saturday.  I'm sure you all can relate to that.

A few things got worked on, the most important being the wainscot.  So far only two sides are done.  I have to cover the wainscot with an old composition notebook and then set heavy things on that to hold the pieces down as they dry.  It takes some time.  But here's what it looks like so far:
Another thing I played with was narrowing down some fabric choices.  I want to re-cover the mattress in the cradle and I've whittled the possibilities down to two.
I'm not sure which way to jump.  I'll probably wait and see which looks better with the tatting thread I've ordered for the crocheted blanket.

More tomorrow.  I have to do real housework now.  Maybe I'll get the wainscot finished too.


Kathi said...

Loving how the room looks so far. I like the green fabric for the mattress. Maybe you could do a combination of both the pink and green for the bedding? Pink dust ruffle or curtains? Pink and green crib bumper pad?
Don't get me started again! I need to work on my garage. LOL

Anonymous said...

Looking good :)
And I like Kathi's idea of the pink and green too :)

Katie said...

I'm in love with the green, too. Although I like how Kathi suggested mixing it up...