Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink Things from N.W.!

N.W. happened to be making some girly minis for her dollhouse when I mentioned I was trying to add more touches of pink in the Panda Nursery.  Since she made extras there is now more pink!  There are also some sweet photos of a baby panda growing up and two clocks to choose from.  And of course more books! :-)
 Here's a close-up of the pink teddy bear, skirt, tiara, and one of the clocks.  Actually I think it's the clock that will get used in the room.
 Here are the baby panda photos in their handsome frames.
 A pink blanket, the other clock, and the books.  This is the second copy of Ladybug Girl.  The first had a visible slice that N.W. didn't care for so she made another.  :-)
 A sweet doll dressed in pink standing next to another panda picture to frame.  N.W. sculpted the doll.  She's (the doll) is even jointed!
Thank you again N.W.! 


Kathi said...

These pink things are absolutely adorable! Love the little panda growing up. What a darling idea.
I'm thinking that this project may turn into a dollHOUSE instead of a roombox?! You have so many things to put inside! :D

MiniKat said...

Kathi I'm giving serious thought to putting together a second room for the baby's parents. We'll see how things fit.

dale said...

Really sweet items! :)

Kim said...

Adorable- I can't believe that tiny little jointed doll! How sweet it would be if you had enough to do a second box for the parents!