Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stitching and Everything That Goes with It

As of today the growth chart and two receiving blankets have been stitched.  The blankets are directly out of Eileen Folk's Needlework Design for Miniature Projects.  Everything still need finishing, but that will wait until I have a few more pieces done.  I'm working them up on the same piece of fabric.

There are six colors of Weeks Dye-works floss in use: Butterbean, Seaweed, Robins Egg, Union Blue, Icicle, and Mascara.  I have a skein of Amber as well but haven't needed the contrast yet.  I'm stitching on 22-count ivory Hardanger.

Like the growth chart I have also re-charted the birth announcement and a stuffed toy from the same book to feature pandas instead of bunnies.  In case you're wondering about re-charting it's easy but time consuming.  Currently I lack any sort of computer program that would allow me to fill in pixels quickly.  I've been hoping FH would take care of that for a while, but he keeps on getting me other things that prove to be equally useful.  So I re-chart the "old-fashioned" way. 

This has the advantage of an immediate paper copy since the printer is out of commission.  The top paper is one of my doodle pages.  I try out ideas for pandas and bamboo on it before putting them into a design.

If anyone out there wants to try something similar based on these designs, please remember to credit Eileen Folk for the original charts.  What I have done is a variation on her work.  She is responsible for the original designs. 

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Katie said...

Kat! That panda chart is so cute! I can't wait to see this project finished!! So glad you liked the of the little ones should fit on the diaper cake Kathi has made?! Even finished the signs!! Thanks for giving me something different to do:)