Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun and Fruitful Guild Meeting

I was the hostess for today's Guild meeting, which meant I had to bake last night. 
It might not look too exciting, but when it was cut:
The only irritating bit about this cake was I forgot I had planned to dye the yellow part green.  Oh well.  It tasted great.

As I've mentioned before there are a few ladies in the Guild that also do miniatures in addition to stitching.  One of them gave me this kit that was in her stash to use in the Panda Nursery.
That's going to be interesting for sure. 

Also I managed to get a few more stitches in place on the birth announcement.
I even managed to avoid getting chocolate on it....somehow.

I'm going to go try and get the silly thing done now so I can move on to another bit for the Nursery.  I don't know how successful I'll be since it's Thursday and I normally call two of my best friends tonight... and then we talk for hours.  We'll see.


Katie said...

I'm drooling over the cake:) I love chocolate!!

And that kit is it for a stuffed animal?

Your tiny stitches amaze me... that birth announcement is going to be perfect!

MiniKat said...

Yeah the kit is to make the panda bear. It's really, really tiny. Hopefully I won't stab myself too many times.

If you ever come visit I will bake lots of chocolate things!

Kathi said...

That little stuffed panda is so cute! I can't imagine how difficult it will be to make! I'm sure you can do it though. It will be a darling accessory for the room box!
I'll be mailing my things tomorrow morning. Hope you like them. :D

Kim said...

oh- that little panda kit is going to be so cute- if anyone could do it I think it would be you Kat! I can't wait to see him finished :) The cake looks soooo yummy! Now I am wanting cake for lunch :) I really think my town needs a drive-thru cake shop-lol! Hope you have a great day Kat!!