Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birth Announcement Finished!

I finished the birth announcement on Saturday night whilst FH was out with "the guys."  For obvious reasons I cannot publish the personal information on the stitching, so I've censored it.  At least this way you can see most of it.
The panda on the left looks a little annoyed.  Probably because I took so long in getting him done.  I may go back and fix his "angry" eye later.  For now I need to press forward.

The other thing I managed to do Saturday night was start playing with ideas for the rug design.  There's a mini motif in a book one Guild member owns that might make a good center design for the rug.  There's also a couple of small commercial cross stitch kits that I could use.  I'm not sure which of the possibilities I like more.  Of course I'm not the one stitching it... someone else has volunteered to do that.  I just have to provide a design.

Time to get back at it.  See you tomorrow!


Kim said...

the birth announcement is so sweet Kat- even the annoyed Panda looks adorable to me!

Katie said...

Quit picking on yourself! The birth announcement looks amazing!!