Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creative Reset Button

As I said before I needed a break from my break.  I also needed something small, quick, and for myself to snap me back into being creative.  As anyone with artistic hobbies knows grief can either be a powerful tool or a major hindrance to any project.  Sometimes it does both.

A few weeks ago I was taking pictures at our Guild president's home and she asked me if I would consider giving a needlework book a new home.  Of course I couldn't resist, so home it came.  It's called 365 Tiny Cross Stitch Designs by Kooler Design Studio, published by American School of Needlework.  Inside are 366 (an extra for leap year) fun charts for small stitching projects.  Some would even work for miniatures, which is why she thought of me.

There is one design in particular that had been whispering to me since I first looked through it.  Yesterday FH and I agreed that I should give in and see if that would help me get back into my groove and back into the workroom.  So I did.
I stitched on 16-count Aida with two strands of DMC floss.  The frame opening is 3"x3". 
I think I'm going to do another design while I wait for the panda mural to arrive.  I can't start putting things into the nursery until the mural is on the outside of the room and I'm not quite ready to finish painting the furniture I started last week.  Unfortunately the mural paper is back-ordered.  I'm not too pleased, but they're out of stock... not anyone's fault.  So I wait. 


Lataina said...

This book must have a lot of nice designs because this is really too cute!!!! Enjoy! =)

Kathi said...

What a cute little design! Your panda wallpaper will be worth the wait.
How about stitching a little bunny?
That might help with the sadness you are feeling.

Kim said...

how sweet! I hope the mural isn't back ordered too long- it's hard to be ready to start something and have to wait. Hugs!

Katie said...

Oh How Cute! I love the little mouse!! You stitch so fast!

I feel ya on the whole waiting thing.... I know you're ready to really dig into the nursery! ((And we're all ready to see it come together:) Don't think I'm rushing you, or being rude.... We are just excited about this project, too:) I made somethng else, but will have to wait a few days until I can ship it... It is on my page...Come check it out- it's the bag post:)

Wish I could be there to help you keep your mind of your pain.. Im good at the whole distraction thing, lol.... Sending some hugs and encouragement your way:)