Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Construction Begins

The room is beginning to take shape.  I've got the walls and floor glued in place and the base strips on the bottom of the room now. 

In this picture the bottom piece of edge molding is taped in place to keep the strips positioned correctly.
The inside walls sections that will be blue are now primed.

I ran out to Hobby Lobby and restocked my white paint selection.  I'll be painting my make-shift wainscot, the baseboards, wainscot trim, and a few pieces of railing for the Porch (hey I'll have the white paint out so why not?) in the morning.  I also plan on measuring the wooden flooring and starting in on it.  Depending on the gesso I'll probably mix up a lighter shade of blue for the walls and get at least one coat in place.

There's a Guild meeting tonight and if I go I'll be taking mini needlework (the birth announcement) and the supplies to re-chart a rug design with me.  Happily I made enough green chili stew for dinner tomorrow so I don't have to stop working at anytime in order for FH to get fed.  [For those of you who don't know, darling FH is completing the final two courses he needs for his master's degree this semester.  This means I'm doing most of his chores on top of my own since he's still working his crazy schedule.  Only two more months and things are back to normal!] 

In the interest of actually getting as much work done today (it's after midnight, therefore it's Tuesday) as possible I'm going to try and stay away from the computer.  I will check my email in the morning before I start working in case anyone tries to contact me about the project, and again whenever I stop for food.  Other than that I'm going to be incommunicado for the day.


Kathi said...

Looking good! Did you say "porch?!"
You'll be adding a porch! Wow!
Love how the walls look primed. Will you be mixing your blue paint with gesso? I never though of doing that.
Hope you have a good day. Thanks for sharing your progress!

MiniKat said...

No Kathi, the Porch is the project I was working on before the Panda Nursery got dropped in my lap. ;-)

I'll be mixing the blue with Titanium White to lighten it.

Kim said...

Kat- you are so busy! What a wonderful achievement for your hubby- you must be very proud of him :) I'm very excited to see work on the roombox begin!! Hope you have a very productive day and that the minutes tick slowly :)