Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Nursery Things in the Mail

First let me get the two little things I ordered from Kitz! out of the way.  Nothing too special, but cute and something I didn't have to try and carve out time to make.  [And for those of you who are always looking for flocking and other random supplies, check Kitz! because 9/10 times they have what I'm looking for.  And no I don't get a discount for saying it. ;-)]
 Something inside me decided there needed to be *some* pink in the baby's room.  I'm planning to try and add more in other creative ways.

Now for the good stuff!  Apparently N.W. is on a roll.  She sent a few more lovelies for the Panda Nursery.  They arrived this morning and were a hit with everyone who was here.

Here's a detailed look at the contents of the diaper bag.  And there's another book!  Gotta have books on the go!  Love the panda rattle too!

A close up of the dress and bonnet with matching hanger.  N.W. said she used vintage lace from the 1940's.  Gorgeous!  I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the bow on the back of the dress.  It's as perfect as the one on the hanger.

And more books!  What child's room would be complete without lots of stories for their grownups to read them?  Heck when my mom went back to school she recorded books on tape so I'd still get stories at night.  Books are very important.

Thank you again, N.W. for your exceptional generosity!

Real life and Guild commitments have been taking their toll on my time but I'm planning on only working on the Nursery tomorrow...when I'm not frying chicken for supper.

See you tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Can I just say how it warmed my heart to learn that your mom recorded herself reading stories so you wouldn't miss out when she had to be gone? What a wonderful mom - you obviously had a great example, which explains your loving heart!

Kathi said...

What lovely little things! LOVE the MOO MOO BA BA LA LA LA book!
The bear books are great too!
You're right, the dress is gorgeous!!!

minimami said...

They are so sweet!Maybe it is just me but those baby minis are extra cute!

Katie said...

I just love that tiny panda rattle! Too cute! And I love the little dress- it always amazes me when people knit that darn tiny!! It's beautiful Kat!!

..and I'm not too sure on the rug yet, when I find it I think I'll know?! Something tiny, lol.

Janice said...

It is all coming along beautifully. A heart warming project

Kim said...

more beautiful pieces!! I love the little dress- it's so perfect! I'm so glad someone is sending lots of little books too- I agree- books are so important :)