Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost Forgot!

Happy 12th Birthday, Castor and Pollux!
They've partied so hard they're exhausted.  I think I'll join them after my day of driving.

Oh and Tempie did just fine.  One molar needed trimming so they took care of it and sent us on our way.


Katie said...

Glad Tempie is OK...never knew bunnies had to have they're teeth trimmed... learn something new everyday:)

And Happy Birthday Castor and Pollux! Eat lots of Catnip!! :)

dale's dreams said...

Happy Birthday to the kitties!

Can you give bunny something hard to chew on so it doesn't have to get it's teeth trimmed? I think our guenia (sp) pigs are the same way, they like blocks of wood and such...

MiniKat said...

@Katie They got roast beef. Does that count? ;-)

@Dale She gets things to chew on, but she doesn't actually chew them. Which of course doesn't help anything. Even if she did chew, some of her teeth grow at such a funky angle that some would break and then start cutting her mouth. Some of her teeth were extracted out of necessity a while back. They were loose in the sockets and infected.

dale's dreams said...

Awww.... :(