Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Things I am thankful for this year:

My ever-loving Fuzzy Husband who is the best friend and co-conspirator of tickle fights, late-night snacks, and letting bunnies run amok in the house. He's far from perfect and I don't want him to change. He'd be boring otherwise.

Real men learn fiber arts btw. He may not do them actively but FH has learned the basics of knitting and crocheting. It give him an appreciation of the time I spend on things and even more reason to love hand made things when I gift them to him. How cool is that? ;-)

Castor's health is improving slowly. The weight he has lost due to IBD is slowly coming back and his insides have started to calm down. Even though the only thing that works for his problems in an injectable steroid he's still very good about having his medicine.

His years are making him him slower and he's started to exhibit behaviors that can only be described as feline sun-downing, but he is still as sweet as ever and still wants to play fetch with paper wads.

Pollux has seemed to go into remission with the IBD that has plagued him for years. He's off of his steroids and only takes a mild tranquillizer to help keep his Siamese neurosis from stressing him to the point of relapse.

The sterile bladder infection also seems to be gone as he is now totally sympton free on that front as well.

Like his brother, age is starting to creep up on him but he still races around the house and plays with his toys.

Confetti seems to be healing well after her kitty tree fell on her when we moved it. She actually plays on it these days. There have been no signs of her liver failing again. Three years have passed since she almost died and she's going strong.

Her daddy calls her his G.E.M., which stands for "green-eyed moster." She makes the most wonderful bed monster at night under the blankets with us. It is the perfect way to pounce the boys you know.

Tempie seems to be on the mend. She's eating and voiding properly again and it looks like the bladder stones have passed on their own. We need an x-ray to confirm that, but we're still paying off the last vet visit for her which was a very expensive diagnostic adventure.

She's playing again. Really playing again. Bunny dancing that I haven't seen her do in a year or more. She less "painful" when you hold her and check everything, or even just try to pet her.

Her diva personality has kicked back into full swing. She's had alot happen to her in the 3 years she's been alive but hopefully now she can just chill.

'Bert has become much less skittish in his time with us. He's so much less fearful than the day I rescued his from the pet store where he had lived for a year.

He really likes FH more than me, which is fine. As long as he is learning the he won't be eaten or purposely hurt with us I don't care which human he prefers.

He takes "cookies" from fingers with authority and lets you know that he is hungry and wants food "now" instead of cowering in corners constantly.

He purposely seeks out Tempie during playtime to harass her through the bars of her cage. Apparently there is a brat inside all that cute fluff that didn't know how to be himself.


Rascal said...

Looks like every body is doing well at your house. Happy Thanksgiving!

Catzee said...

Oooo, I like yur family. Rascal says he used to haf bunnies fur brothers an' sisters, but I never met on afore.