Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Fun Hat

Happy Fun Hat is finished. It is huge. I'm not sure if I did too many rows in the repeat section or just knit too loose or what. But it's big enough to keep my head warm in the cold winds up here and heavy enough to stay on my head when my hair is clean. I'm one of those people whose hats and hair ties will slide right off of when the hair is clean. It's too smooth to keep a grip on anything.

I started another hat today under the watchful eye of my friend. Heh. I'm so not allowed to knit without adult supervision. I counted the initial stitches 3 times. Each time was counted wrong but I didn't notice. I also skipped right over stitches and got the whole piece turned around the wrong way. So we'll see if it takes me another 4 years to make this hat.

One of my boys was sweet enough to model the hat for you to see. Just so you understand the size of this thing... he is a 12 pound cat.


Alice said...

Congrats on finishing your hat! I have slippery hair too, so I understand what you mean. I think your model is handsome! (I'll bet that he thinks so too.)

MiniKat said...

He does think he is quite handsome. Right before the picture was taken he had a round with the de-shedding tool so he was looking quite spiffy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Congratulations! I too am knitting a hat that has become unusually huge. Rather like a Cat in the Hat hat. Ah, well. I do think I just knitted too far. You know how you get in a groove and just keep going. Sigh.

Does your wrist ever hurt after long knitting sessions?

MiniKat said...

I'm just starting out with knitting, but my wrist does hurt after long crochet sessions. Long tends to mean six hours or so. I can only stand to knit for an hour or so straight right now.