Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knitting update

The knitting that comes from my hands is improving markedly as the Sheep Geek is here on a visit. I will get the hat I started 4 years ago finished before she leaves. I call it the "Happy Fun Hat." It is not called that because the yarn is variegated rainbow colors. The name is a reference to "Happy Fun Ball" on Saturday Night Live. I will defeat the bedamned hat if it kills me.

One of my dear friends almost killed herself this weekend by rolling her van. She over corrected after she went onto the gravel shoulder when her cell phone rang and startled her. The van flipped into a culvert. She is alive with only a compound fracture of her right ankle to show for it. Her two great wheels were not so lucky. The Reeves can be repaired with a new flier and a replacement leg. The Elizabeth will rest in pieces. Needless to say she missed the baby shower on Saturday.

The Sheep Geek and I found a wonderful local yarn shop nearby. More money was spent than should have been. Also it is located right next door to an amazing jewelry and bead store. In fact as fate would have it, they share entrances. It is definitely a den of sin and temptation. I will be returning when I work through some more of my stash.


Catzee said...

That's furry scary what happened to yur friend.

'Bout that hat. I'll come sleep on it iffen ya want.

MiniKat said...

The hat is big enough for you to sleep in actually.