Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Excellerate timelines

So the second baby cross stitch has taken center stage in the crafting time-line as the little booger is apparently thinking about joining us early. So the second knit hat has taken a backseat for the moment.

FH isn't feeling well, thus our trip to Missouri to see the family may be postponed. My father has an auto-immune disease and we cannot risk passing on germs. *sigh* This has led to a very bummed FH as he really wants to see his grandmother who should also avoid germy nastiness as a matter of principle. We haven't seen her since our wedding reception in April and that was a total whirlwind for everyone involved. I really want to see her too, since I completely adore her. My own grandmother lives in the middle of a desert in the southwest and I haven't seen her since 2003. In fact, I didn't even hear from her when we got married. To her credit, seven kinds of Hell have broken out down there with health issues and the like.

The plan is if he feels well enough to go tomorrow then we will drive down Thursday morning. We will come home either Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on if the little mister decides to try and join us for the holiday. [I'm the designated person to hang out with his soon-to-be big sister during the delivery.] I hope he waits since he's supposed to be here for Christmas and not Thanksgiving.

I'm going to go update my mother on the plan... she's already cleaned the bathrooms... and get back to stitching.

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