Saturday, November 22, 2008


So the new hat that I started while the sheep geek was here got frogged and restarted. I started out originally by trying to knit a Mobius strip. While I do find the mathematics of:


where 0 is less than or equal to u,
u and v approach each other in value,
and v is less than or equal to 1;

to be quite lovely, I do not want to knit one right now. Fortunately the mistake was caught early and the bit where I cast on too many stitches was also dealt with via a simple decrease.

However... I found yet another mistake in the first round after she had left. After a bit of pondering I decided I really should take advantage of the new cast-on method that was rattling around in my brain while it was still there. Really that is the only way I can actually remember a new technique. The added bonus of knowing there were no initial flaws was also quite compelling. So a froggin' I went.

With this new and improved cast-on I managed to not start a Mobius strip and actually got the correct number of stitches in place. Currently I'm on the 14th round and tackling the cabling. I will have a picture up sometime this week. I'm not saying who the hat is for though. I will say it's not for FH, but if he likes it I told him I would make him one.


Alice said...

Heehee. A mobius strip. Been there, knit that! Gosh, it has been forever since I have knit anything. The last time I touched a knitting needle was, uhm yesterday, when I used it as a probe for a sewing project. It was a lone knitting needle, separated from its family, and I think the other 3 in the set are attached to an unfinished sock somewhere. I am good at making socks, but not at making pairs of socks. I am eager to see you hat when it is done!

MiniKat said...

I'll get some pictures up after the Sun comes back out. It's way past bedtime here.

Catzee said...

I don't know 'bout the mafs, but I can help ya wif the strings!

MiniKat said...

I know you can, Catzee. And I know you would be very good help. :-)