Monday, November 3, 2008


Because she's here observing everything while being oh-so regal, here is the youngest of our feline brood.I think she wanted some attention.

Either that or she found today's mail to be extremely comfortable to sit upon.


Leigh said...

Minikat, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! It's always nice to meet a fellow Ubuntu-user, bunny lover, and fiber artist. Plus, the "Chicago" in your location caught my eye as I grew up in it's suburbs.

I love that photo. Reminds me so much of our Catzee.

Obviously there aren't too many Linux programs for us weavers, but it seems as though the world of fiber arts software isn't too far our of our reach! WINE is about as far as I can go at the moment, as I'm not sure about installing an emulator. (Always something new to learn *sigh*)

Do you think you'll take up loom weaving again>

Catzee said...

Nah. Her just showin' her is Queen!