Monday, October 10, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

When I started the record keeping project I began taking pictures of everything I have sewn that I still owned.  A few things have already been posted, like the Rendezvous clothes in the summer of 2009 and baby booties I made and stashed to give away as needed.  But here are a few of  the oldest pieces pieces I've ever sewn.

This is Nicholas the Mouse.  Santa Claus brought him to me when I was about ten or eleven (maybe even younger) years old.  Soon after I decided he needed clothes.  After all, it was cold outside.  I had made little pillows and such for my Sylvanian Family's house, so I just had to figure out how to squish fabric around a body.
 Squishing and then sewing was the exact tactic I chose.  The buttonholes really work, but they're just slits.  Too delicate now to mess with so I opted to leave them alone for the pictures.  The hole for his tail is just a hole cut with scissors.  But when I was done my mom decided it was time for me to learn how to use patterns.  She also bought me my sewing machine.

This is Kensington.  He was my favorite teddy bear when I was in middle school.  I decided he needed clothes, so my mom made a pattern based on a sketch that I did. 
 This was my first lesson in pattern making/design.  I also learned about matching stripes/plaids.  To be honest I was terrified and my mom did more of the hands on cutting than I did.  I really didn't want to mess it up!  She also helped get the sill thing turned right side out after the lining was sewn on as it made no sense to me.

 This bear doesn't have a name.  I made him when I was in high school for a boy I liked who was headed to boot camp.  Long story short, his mom made sure I got the bear back since it was handmade. 
 The left eye is a button off of a uniform that either belonged to my dad or one of his brothers.  The nose is my first bit of successful satin stitch.

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