Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Steampunk Accessories

This will be the last Steampunk post until we start working on clothes and jewelry again.  In fact there should only be a few more sewing/stitching projects and posts until I can start back to some minis again.  I'm going through withdrawal. ;-)

FH was in charge of the accessories, for the most part.  He did have time to get a few things put together in between work and sleep.  Here's what he wore.  Spartan, I know but he's not one for a lot of ornamentation.  The flower was a gift from the bridal couple.  The watch we found at Hobby Lobby, near the checkout lanes. His lapel pin was made from some jewelry findings.

Here's his workspace with things in progress.

Some of what he made for me is in the background of the workstation picture.  Here's the clip on brooch that used to be a ring with a beaded (elastic) band.

Next up is the macrame bracelet with brass hex nuts.

We found this watch (without chain) in the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby.  He added the chain and a clip on the end.  I love the owl on the lid.
Lastly FH made me a chatelaine.  He started with some modern pieces and added the same bronzer used for the goggles.  (Note the tape measure was abandoned for this part of the project.  He will revisit it when he has some time.)
With a more chain, some gears, a bit of leather, and a gorgeous clasp:
Sadly the knit picker tool fell out of it's case during pictures after the ceremony.  Happily I can replace it for less than $2.00 and some more bronze-effect paint.  FH added my trusty loop from my days in the world of geology and my thread cutter pendent to the chains.  Also pictured are the needle case I whipped up to tuck in my bustier and the thimble I had on my hat.  Everything a Steampunk seamstress would need!  Some of it was needed during pictures too.  This was the nicest way to carry my sewing kit to a wedding.  Next time I'll be working crochet hooks into the hat somehow.


Caseymini said...

Kat! Love the Steampunk accessories. FH did a great job. I do wish that we had a Hobby Lobby in the area. The closest one is over two hours away. North of Phoenix. I am going to check Michaels and see if they have anything like those. My weekness is watches.

Lady Jane said...

This was a fascinating post. I loved the fabric used an all the items used. Cheers! LJ