Monday, October 3, 2011

A Mini Break

On Saturday I took a break from sewing and participated in the local NAME Day party.  We had a great time and the kits went together so smoothly. 
I haven't put the handles and pulls on yet.  I think I should wait until after it's painted.  This will be going into the big dollhouse's kitchen.  I'll pull colors from the wall paper at some point and get it painted.
 The drawers really open.
 So do the doors.
 All sorts of fun things can fit on these shelves.
 We also exchanged little gifts with everyone.  Here's what I put together.
Here's what I brought home.

 For those who might be dying to know, here's what is inside the box in the above picture.

I'm headed back up to the sewing room now.  Soon I'll be done with this insanity and can get back to both minis and stitching that I want to do.


Tabitha Corsica said...

Yours looks really nice! Who was your cutter? Looks like it was laser cut. Our kits were poorly done with miss-cut pieces. Certainly no opening doors/drawers.

Nest I'll have to remind our president that cheaper is NOT better...

Kathi said...

Wow! I love your little furniture kits! Where can I get some?

Lady Jane said...

I did the 1/4 scale rendition. Wow, so small!!! Maybe I should order a 1" to go with my 1" hutch. Well done. Hugs, LJ