Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hats and Goggles!

What Steampunk event is complete without hats and goggles?

FH found some older style welding goggles at a local welding supply place.  Note the he found them and I fetched them. Then we bronzed them with some nifty paint we found at Michael's.
Sadly with his job being what it is, he didn't have time to make buckled leather straps for them.  But that's on his to-do list now.

FH ordered himself a handsome bowler hat to rest his goggles on.

My hat didn't get finished.  Again FH's real job ate up time and he didn't get very far with making leather and metal flowers to decorate it with.  This is his practice rose which I do think looks very nice.  He hadn't had a chance to put the center petals in place.

Instead one of our friends had an extra prop hat from a costume shop and a feather band to spare.

I added my goggles, a couple of flowers, and a scarf I had in my dresser.  I worked very well, but I think I'll be finishing my hat for the next time we're dressing up.  Especially if it's a lovely sunny day again.  I was really missing the brim on the unfinished hat.