Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clothes for the Modern Wedding

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous!  I hope this coming Saturday is as lovely.  The wedding was in a gorgeous park and FH took the opportunity to take photos of my new dress with a fantastic backdrop.

 Here's just the dress.  I used Simplicity 4664, view A.  The pattern was designed by Khaliah Ali who is my absolute favorite plus-size designer.  Her designs are feminine, graceful, modest, and elegant. The dress is done in 5 oz bleached linen.  The fabric worked so well with the design and you can see the wind picking up the hemline in the breeze.
Here is the green jacket with the dress.  I think they are a perfect combination.  I couldn't have planned the pair better. 
And because the park was so beautiful and filled with awesome landscaping that made my miniaturist's mind flood with ideas, here are some pictures that will hopefully inspire some of you.

See you next time!

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