Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finished Skirt

I finished my skirt Tuesday evening.  The funny part is it's tight on the dress form, but loose on me. 

I used Simplicity 2172 and had to alter the waistband and  yoke pieces to fit me. 
The pleats will look sharper after it's washed. dried, and ironed.
 I put had to put the hooks in an odds place to pull the waistband in a little tighter.  If the wedding wasn't on the 15th I would be worried about this needing more alteration.  (At least the weight is going away.)
 The seam connecting the pleated panel to the skirt body is wrapped in hem tape and zigzagged within an inch of it's life.
 I'm off to keep working on the pattern alterations for the other pieces.

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