Monday, October 10, 2011

We're Alive

I thought I'd better say something here in case things trickled down from Facebook.  FH and I were in a auto+deer accident in the wee hours of the morning Sunday.  The car is still down south waiting on insurance people and estimates for repair. 

We were not injured an any way, thanks in no small part to FH's driving skills and a good dose of pure luck.  I have pictures of the damage, but can't post them until after the insurance company is done with everything.

My mom had to drive us back home as the car rental place informed us they would not do a one-way rental for that far of a distance.  We were not amused by that in the least.  Happily we still have my dad's car up here so we're not stranded or in need of a rental for everyday use.

There were a few other misadventures getting to the wedding.  Namely the washing machine draining all over the basement floor because in a sleep-deprived state I forgot to put the drain hose back in the laundry sink after I washed the gift for the wedding.  We were up all night cleaning up water and drying out carpeting.  Happily there was a finite amount of water... only one washing load.

We finally left here at 6:30am Saturday and missed the end of actual wedding ceremony by ten minutes.  Got there just as the bride and groom were walking out of the building.  But given the circumstances I think we did ok.  The reception was nice and we got to see many old friends and met some great new friends.

Anyways I'll be posting pictures of the wedding gift and the clothes I made to wear to this wedding this week.  For now I'm off to finish the clothes for the Steampunk wedding and their gift.


dale's dreams said...

Thank goodness you are both safe! :)

Drora's minimundo said...

What a relief that you came out safely. You were very lucky!