Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Bit of Full Size Millinery

My grandmother would be proud.  Or at the very least amused.  She in fact was a milliner before marrying my grandfather.  Anyway, I needed a hat to wear to the Steampunk wedding.  Originally I wanted a pith helmet but let's face it... how many times would I wear a pith helmet?  And would it be enough to justify ordering one?  Probably not.  So to the sewing room I went... and the hardware store.

Some cotton print from my stash, some dupioni silk for contrast, a gorgeous trim, some wire....
 Before putting the wire in the brim.
After putting wire in the brim. (Note: I learned later after emailing the wonderful folks at the pattern company that the brim is currently upside down.  There was a correction needed in the instructions and since I made them aware of it, they're sending me a coupon for a free pattern.  Since there will be trim put around the brim both above and below, I don't think it will really matter.)
Currently the hat is waiting on me to get more trim, stitch it on, and then decorate it.  FH is making leather roses and maybe some other flowers as well.  

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