Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Green Print Jacket

I was hoping to have a different post ready for today, but that didn't happen.  (Sorry Miss. Kitty, but the brocade shall remain a mystery for a couple more days.)

I needed something for myself that was quick and sprinkled with a bit of instant gratification.  Whilst rummaging through my stash of fashion fabrics I found several (5) yards of a floral print on a green field.  FH had bought it for me when we were back in college as compensation for me doing some sewing for him... back before we were even dating.  Yeah, so it's moved with me three times.  *sigh*  Time to do something with it.

Armed with a pattern my mom picked up for me after I "squeeed" over her copy, I decided that this would become the quick thing for me.  Sorry about the glare in this picture, but this was the best of the lot.  If you poke it to make it bigger, you can see the longer-sleeved version in the lower right corner.  That's the view I chose anyway.

 Because there was a warning on the pattern envelope about the printer goofing and the size 24 needed to use the size 22 lines... well lets just say I take no chances.  I did a quick muslin to be sure.  There was enough ease in the garment to let me not worry about adjusting anything.

Then came the fun part, and of course I had help.  Isn't he helpful?
This jacket is self-faced, basically like a kimono.

I really like the way it hangs.
 As you can see, I still need to slip stitch the collar down and hem the sleeves and bottom.
But I haven't had a chance to sit down and do that yet.  I'm hoping to finish up with the brocade today and then sit and do all the necessary hand stitching this evening.  Then tomorrow I will start the second phase of yet another project.


Caseymini said...

Kat, nice job! Love the pattern and the fabric together.

Kim said...

It's beautiful Kat! I am such a bad seamstress, it would have taken me a week to get this far!

Kathi said...

Lovely jacket! I have forgotten that I used to make some of my own clothes... blame it on the minis!