Sunday, January 18, 2009

Water, water

And I'm thanking the gods that it is not everywhere.

The pipes thawed out and managed to not burst last night. FH and I celebrated by running loads of laundry.

This evening we took a trip to Toulon, IL (middle of nowhere with gorgeous buildings) to visit our friend who rolled her van in November at the nursing home. The core group of artisans from the Rendezvous society had our Christmas in January so she could be included. Dinner was potluck and consisted of dip type things, Italian pulled venison, and plenty of sweets. It was a good time.

I have a splitting headache thanks to the alarms on the outer doors to the facility. Since it's a nursing home they have alarms on the doors to make sure staff know when the inner doors open from the inside. When people come in, the outer doors turn off the alarm. But when you leave and the code isn't entered, the beeping from Hades starts up. It is much better than having grammy with Alzheimer's wandering out into the bitter cold and getting lost. But I wish the "party room" where we were having dinner was further from the exterior doors.

Castor has new medication now. The vet had his Metronidazole and Ranitidine compunded into a goop to spread in his ears. That has gone over much better than the pills. However it's much, much more expensive. Here's hoping the 10-day doses work and he doesn't need refills. He is a bit annoyed with the cold goo in his ears, but as far as FH and I are concerned he can just deal with it. I'm not bleeding and he's still breathing.

I'm going to go find something for this headache and a warm, horizontal surface. Hopefully there will be kitties following me. It's still cold enough that I prefer them to curl up all over me than for them to sleep elsewhere.

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Leigh said...

Poor Castor. Or perhaps it's poor you! Hopefully this will do the trick(???)

The party sounds like fun but not the alarms. Maybe some of those doors should be kept locked.