Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sick bunny and bunnydaddy

Albert Wilbert is feeling a bit under the weather. From the looks of things he's probably working on a bit of a hairball. I'm guessing nobody brushed him while I was so sick after Thanksgiving... I know I didn't have the strength to hold him then.

So since it's Saturday/Sunday and the best rabbit vet is 200+ miles away, we're administering canned pumpkin mixed with banana baby food via syringe and forcing extra water. If I don't like the feel of his skin tomorrow (too loose) we're going to give him some sub-q fluids... that shouldn't be necessary though. Thankfully we've been through the mill with our other bunny to the point that our vet back in St. Louis loaded us up with various things to create a lapine critical care hospital in our living room and the knowledge about giving fluids and force feeding.

From the looks of the litterbox his kidneys and bladder are functioning well. It's just his bowels that are not their usual selves. The last time this happened two rounds of force feeding is all it took to set him straight. I'm hoping that works this time around. Otherwise I may have to somehow get the two of us to St. Louis.

FH has a nasty cough that is sounding drier and more painful by the day. He's coughed his back out and I'm starting to try and use logic to persuede him to see a doctor. Apparently the pain he's currently in still isn't enough to get him to see reason...not even when added to the guilt of keeping me up at night with the coughing. I'm wondering if he will be sick enough tomorrow that I can load him up into the car and drive to the nearby Urgent Care place. That's what it took the last time he was sick.

I'm going to go collapse and see if I can get to Holly's in time tomorrow to let her dog out before he has an accident in his kennel. It's been a long day.

Maybe if I get some sleep I can blog about the awesome market that sells only locally produced food, including fresh bread made by the monks at the nearby abby.


Evil Transport Lady said...

Oh no poor bunny! And I hope you all feel better soon!

Not a great way to start the new year!

Hugs to all of you!!

MiniKat said...

Thanks. We're about to start another round of feeding and then I take FH to see a doc.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh bless little Albert Wilbert's heart. Poor little guy with the pumpkin face. I do so hope he feels better soon.

And tell FH to get to the doctor. As unpleasant as that is, they will have something to fix his cough!

Thinking of you all!!

Karen B. said...

Best of luck helping Albert Wilbert and F.H. with their recoveries. Such is the role of the caregiver...hang in there! Speedy recovery to both.