Friday, January 2, 2009

My Bling is Back!

After months of looking for a local jeweler who would actually do the work himself and not ship it elsewhere, my wedding ring is repaired! There was a bezel behind the stone that came loose and the stone was threatening to fall out and vanish. So I had been unable to wear it for a while. We dropped it off right before Christmas and I picked it up today.

I have to admit I'm not found of seeing the prongs through the stone, but for the moment I know it's staying put. And I will be wearing it lots again.

I also had my hair trimmed and styled today. My friend, Holly, and I went out for a "girl's day" with her daughter. We all had our hair done, got lunch at a local restaurant, and went shopping. I'm not normally one for shopping but Tractor Supply, Hallmark, and a local shop called "Primitive At Heart" are favorite places of mine. We also swung into Bergner's so I could see some earrings Holly was telling me about. They have realistic leaves on them... I might have to get a pair.

I was restrained while shopping. I bought some Christmas ornaments that were marked down from Primitive At Heart and got FH a blaze orange Carhart hoodie from Tractor Supply that is lined heavily and was marked down. I saw many other things that I wanted but told myself no. If he wasn't going hunting again tomorrow I'd have passed on the Carhart. His current orange just is not heavy enough for this region. It worked when we lived in the Missouri Ozarks but not so much here.

Speaking of which he brought home some meat yesterday. The hide is sitting on top of my deep freeze in the garage, covered in salt. The cats really, reall, REALLY want to know what is through the door that smells so good. He's going to try a natural tanning method that he read about on the PaleoPlanet forums. We use everything from an animal that he brings home. I wouldn't have married him otherwise. ;-)

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Karen B. said...

Your "bling" is stunning, really beautiful. Hey- Tractor Supply is one of my favorite stores, too!