Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snarky? Me?

Noon CST snuck right passed me today. I plan on watching the rebroadcast of the inauguration tonight with FH when he comes home. Truly though I though I might watch a smidge of the actual thing live.

I really didn't notice the time had flown while I watched missed episodes of a couple ABC shows on their website. And once I started checking blogs and saw this I have to admit my first, jaded thought was, "Huh. I was counting on the kitties to fart cotton candy today." My second thought was lacking sarcasm and went something like,"Thank the gods it went off smoothly. Riots are bad. Here's hoping the populace remembers that President Obama is human and will try to do his best in office."

At that point everything devolved back into the used stream of conscious that in normally floating around my brain. Bits about really needed to change out of pjs (it's my lazy day today), cursing myself for forgetting to goo Castor's ear this morning, needing to somehow get to the store, wondering what on Earth I will fix for dinner, wishing I could hear Hugh Laurie speaking in his real voice (same goes for the new, red-headed actor on Grey's Anatomy)...

Nothing feels overly special and different. We have different politician in office today than we did yesterday. So far he hasn't done anything official to impress or depress me. I will admit after the last 8 years it will be hard to depress me further, but there is always something underneath rock bottom. Usually magma.

I won't say I'm "over" the historic election we had in November. That was great. It was far more meaningful than the first time I was able to vote in a presidential election. But for me, once the actual election is over I really don't feel any (and I use the term loosely) magic. I suppose it's easy for me to say that I don't give a thought to our new leader's race unless someone else mentions it. I've always been funny that way. When you're from a background that is already a living commercial for ketchup and your family is as diverse as neighborhoods in New York, you learn to judge folks on their merits. So I'm waiting to see some merits now. Merits make sparks of hope for me. Hope is what makes me giddy and emotional...that and FH.

So far this is what I'm looking for:

1. A lack of disregard for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution
2. Less government intrution into the private lives of citizens': this includes my stances on gun control, the (hah) war on drugs, and trying to tax people's choice of foods that are technically "unhealthy"..amoung other things
3. Regaining some respect, and keeping it, from other countries who share the planet with us
4. Not getting assasinated... that would create a huge nest of nastiness that I pray we can avoid
5. Getting some real help for public schools
6. Stabilizing framework for social security and healthcare
7. Supporting our military while they are overseas, but also getting them out of conflicts we can avoid... I want to support more living troops and mourn fewer casualties

I'm sure there are more in my head somewhere. I just won't remember them until later. But these 7 seem to be the most important right now since they're the ones I could readily come up with.

I do have one idea that I think should be labelled "pipe dream" rather than hope:
A program designed to forgive governent issued educational loans for people who have earned their degrees and agree to some form of civil service in a program that can utilize their education.

In other words, please sign me up for the forrestry or a park somewhere and give me a break on my loan payments. Hence, "pipe dream." Not going to happen, I know. But neither will I get to have one on one contact with any handsome actors from the British Isles who star in popular FOX and ABC shows and possess sexy voices.

I'm off to medicate a cat and write a check for my loans.

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Karen B. said...

I'm all about Hugh Laurie and his British accent...