Monday, January 5, 2009

Paleo Happenings in the News

The Kennetts have finally go around to publishing their work on the theory that a large comet impacted North America during the Ice Age and that caused to the extinction of the megafauna and the collapse of the Clovis culture. A summary and review can be read here. To read the actual article you need a copy of Science magazine, which sadly I don't own.

I've been following this theory as closely as possible without access to a university library or colleagues that work with the Ice Age. I first learned of it when their story was featured on a television show a few years ago.

Until I can either read their publication or put my hands on their evidence and examine it for myself I will be reserving judgment. I will say that when I first heard about their postulate that I did think they might be onto something. I will be trying to locate a copy of Science this week... when I have the car.

I will also say that I'd give my eye teeth to be working with them. I would give almost anything (not FH or my critters or my health) to be there working with them. This kind of work is like the Superbowl for Ice Age paleontologists. The last time something about extinctions was postulated it was the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Hats off to Alvarez for "T Rex and the Crater of Doom." Yes, that's a real book. It's very well written and factual. More about the science and less about the scientist...unlike some more recent books. *cough* Gorgon! *cough*


Just got off the phone with a friend who's trying to locate a copy of the article via our university, where he still happens to work. He has also been following the television spots. Huzzah for scientific cooperation!


Karen B. said...

Oooh, thanks for the intriguing post. My son made off with my recent copies of Discover, if the article was in one of those, I didn't get to read it. So thanks for the link! And on a side note, I was able to hear Dennis Stanford speak at the Nobel Conference of his thoughts on the Solutrean/Clovis connection. Even to a non-scientist like me, it was fascinating. I am going to look for the Alvarez book. Thanks!

MiniKat said...

I love that Alvarez book. I keep meaning to buy a copy for myself now that I can't run over to campus and check it out. I really, really miss being at a university.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!