Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shabby Chic in 1 inch scale, pt. 1

Pictures of the actual finished scene are coming soon, I promise. Much of yesterday's workshop was spent learning China painting and doing lots of little things while paint and glue dried.

The pallet consists mostly of shades. I thought the more muted tones on the walls would compliment the floor covering better. I will admit that the floor was not something I chose. Rather, everyone in the workshop has the same floors with a twist. In the center of each person's floor is the illusion of an oilcloth that has been incorporated into the carpet. Mine isn't in place yet. I need to mark and cut a hole that will leave a 1/4" overlap of the carpet and glue the "oilcloth" in place.
Obviously the actual structure of the room is not assembled. However I did manage to paint one of the three walls and paper the other two. I didn't have enough paper to get all three walls alike, so I opted for the larger wall becoming an accent wall. HGTV shows have illuminated that sort of decorating technique. I do think it works well in some situations, and this is one of them.

The furniture has been painted a shade of blue and was treated with crackle medium.
The China bit is a cookie jar that is shaped like a bunny rabbit in a dress and hat. I think she's adorable.

Once I get the entire thing put together I will post the pictures. For now this is the best I can do. If things go well I should be able get the floor together and put the walls in place tomorrow. Tonight I've got more accessories to put together and some laundry to run.


Alice said...

I like what I see so far. Man, that bunny cookie jar is just so precious!

Karen B. said...

What a really neat hobby. What sparked your interest? I want the real-size version of that cookie jar!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I can't wait to see!