Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bitter Bloody Cold - with editted update

The kittens and I are about to go curl up in the bed with FH. I've been up running water through the washing machine's pipes to make sure they don't freeze again. We have faucets on down the hall in both bathrooms, but the last time a pipe froze it was the cold water line to the laundry. So in the morning I will be doing even more laundry.

I'm wishing the bunnies could reliably curl up with us in the big bed too, since it's colder than normal in the house. Sadly the bunnies would fight each other all night and then run around the house instead of staying where it's warm. Not to mention Tempie is still too fat to properly wash her butt by herself, so ew. It's almost time to give her a bit of a shave soon.

At least the drafts in the front room have been mostly dealt with. We have a large chunk of fleece hanging over the front door and plastic film over the windows. We couldn't get anything over the sliding glass door, but it's not too bad. The office and my craft room are the two coldest rooms in the house.

I feel sorry for FH having to go out in this horrid cold in the morning. He's still got a bit of that cough. We're waiting for him to get paid so we can afford the $50 bill for the new medicine for Castor. The vet is having the drugs compounded into a gel to rub in his ear. I hope it works with only one does. The way things are looking we wouln't be able to afford that as a regular expense. Their special food is bad enough.

Pollux is so easy to pill. I wish his brother was the same way. He gets a pill every other night with very little difficulty. Confetti is sowhere in between the two, but she only has to get a pill before she sees the vet. Tranquillizers are best for her and the vet. The bunnies get liquid medications. That's the easiest thing in the world. Tempie actually think some of her medicines are treats. She will keep licking the syringes after they are empty. We have not had to medicate 'Bert for anything yet. Force feeding him has happened, but not medications.

Anyhow I'm being stared at by a pair of green eyes who want me to make room on my lap for the rest of her. She gets cold easily and likes to burrow under blankets and into laps. If we bother to crawl ot of bed tomorrow I will post the high (hahaha!) that the temperature reaches.

It's less than 12 hours after the original post. The cold water to the washer has frozen. FH is coming home with a space heater to point at the wall. That worked last time. The high right now is -7F. The expected low is -19F. That's without windchill. All the schools are closed. Holly and I are not going gallivanting today as planned as it's too bloody cold and the kids are home. I'm going to go prep things for FH's return and check the faucets at the back end of the house...again.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It is really cold here, too. But you win! Keep those bunnies warm!!

Karen B. said...

"The cold water to the washer has frozen." Oh no! Has it warmed up today? We are up 45 degrees from yesterday morning. Thank goodness, hope you're enjoyingi warmer temps by now, too.