Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Updates to previous bits

Apparently my sister and I do not have the same blood type, so if she needs a new kidney I'm a helpless end. Also we found out why her kidneys failed... Advil. Instead of seeing a doctor about migraines she self medicated with Advil.

The tree is up, lit, and covered in ornaments. I am flat out refusing to put the tree skirt that another sister made or the presents under it until the 24th. I know that my bunnies will piddle on and chew everything otherwise.

Weather may trap me here over the weekend. I was supposed to go back to Mom's and see the sick sister and visit my original mini-friends. It's snowing here again and will snow more this weekend.

1 comment:

Rascal said...

Bunnies are like that.

That's sober news about your sister, and advice to heed.

But to help, I've given you an award. It's at my blog for you to pick up.