Saturday, December 6, 2008


To distract myself from still being sick I'm playing with various projects and the camera. Even though the fever is gone I shouldn't leave the house in this cold... sometimes it doesn't pay to be a grown up.

Here are a couple of views of our tree this year.

The lights are blinking, so obviously I can't have them all on in a photograph. There isn't really a theme to the tree. I have a very eclectic combination of ornaments dating back to my childhood. In fact I'm supposed to be picking up a few more from my mother, but I'm stuck here. Ah well. Maybe she can mail them to me. Or I can get them for next year. I purposely left holes for the missing ones. Right now I just imagine they are in place.

Eventually I will be brave and put the skirting under the tree. Right now I'm concerned with the possibility of two bunnies marking their space on the tree skirt my sister made. [Not the one who's in the hospital...another one. I have 5.] As much as I love my bunnies I would be sorely tempted to turn one of them into a sporran for FH if they piddled all over that skirt. So to avoid the situation it remains hanging in the spare bathroom where I left it to dry after washing it.

Some people who know me well always ask about the angel that I have on top. Since they know I'm not Christian they get confused. It's very simple... Angels in the Christian tradition are good spirits who help people. I like good spirits. In fact I very much prefer them to the bad ones. Therefore I see nothing out of place with the representation of a good spirit on my tree. She's not alone up there either. There is at least one other angel on that tree and a few appearances of St. Nicholas.

Two of my favorite ornaments are scroll work pieces in olive wood from Jerusalem. One is a howling wolf and the other is a moose. I wish I could find more of them, especially a bear. There are others that still belong to my parents that I wish I could at least see again. Mom's got a glass ornament made from Mt. St. Helens ash. It's gorgeous. Dad has a stained glass owl that I always loved to hide deep in the tree branches near a light so his eyes would peek out at us. More than anything though I wish I could have the star. It's this old silver and blue metallic star, in the tradtional 5-pointed design, that my mother had before she married my father. I'm hoping that at some point she will let me have it.


Rascal said...

I'm sorry you've been sick again. :( Your tree though, is lovely. Maybe you should do like my mom's friend did and put it into a playpen. This of course, was to keep a human kid out, but I think it would work for bunnies too.

MiniKat said...

That's a really good idea, Rascal. Next year I might have to try it. :-)