Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random bits

Well it appears that my sister is suffering from kidney failure. No clue yet as to whether it's the version that can heal with help or not.

I apparently was out in the cold wind too long yesterday and have developed a fever and a general feeling of "ick." Taking it easy in the hopes that I just need to recover from drying out in the wind and such.

Working on various Yule gifts and one birthday gift.

Post trip laundry is being run. Almost have the kitchen back under control.

Began decorating the house yesterday. We put the tree up Sunday to see what the menagerie would do. The cats apparently remembered that they aren't supposed to climb it. The rabbits had never seen one before but like the low-lying branches.

I grabbed the roving and some stashed yarn from my MIL's house. Once the gifts are out of the way and I get caught back up with some miniature work I plan on making myself a coat out of chunky weight baby alpaca yarn. It's heavenly to the touch.


Leigh said...

That's serious news about your sister. It sounds as though there's still hope though.

We're thinking about getting a potted or balled tree this year. Hopefully both Catzee and Rascal will remember that it's technically off limits no matter what kind of tree we have.

MiniKat said...

Good luck with the tree. Ours is fake so the cats don't get too curious about it. They already know how dust smells. ;-)