Sunday, December 7, 2008

Logic Puzzle least to some people.

When you inform tenants that the fan for the furnace/AC blower is loose and needs to be shimmed up when do you do it?

a) right away since it's March and still cold?

b) the week after they move in when you have to replace the elemnet for the furnace so the heat will work?

c) over the summer when the windows can be open for a breeze and the AC blower is turned off?

d) in the first deep freezes of the following winter when the bushings go out on the fan and it's so loud it is actually damaging to human hearing and in danger of frying the whole unit so the heat really should not be turned on?

If you answered "d" then you could be on the maintenance crew where we live.

We do not have heat right now... at least not heat that will be at acceptable decibel ranges. They did bring us two small electric heaters. Apprently they are in need of a part that they couldn't get today. *sigh*

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