Sunday, December 21, 2008

Open arms

On this holy day we reminded friends that if their power and water was still off once they got home they are more than welcome to pack up the 3-year old and come back for another night. Their front yard is a skating rink after a pipe burst under the yard. Fortunately it was on the water company's side of the meter and not theirs. High winds and ice took out branches, which in turn removed the power lines from the house. The power company wouldn't do anything until the tree trimmers came. The water company turned off service to repair the pipe.

Tree trimmers were working there late last evening. No clue if the water company has started repairs. As of 10pm last night there was still no power and no heat. It was cozy here last night with the five of us here. Munchkin played with the bunnies and two of the cats. The third kept her distance. Everything was great until she got herself so tired that she couldn't see straight and was so upset about not being in her own bed for the second night in a row. For her sake, and her parents' sanity, I hope they have power and heat today. Water would be a bonus.

If not, our arms are open and the spare bed has flannel sheets.

It's -25 F with the windchill.


Rascal said...

Aw, if I was Munchkin I'd get grumpy too. Even so, friends like you are are priceless.

MiniKat said...

Thank you, Rascal. Wonderful kitties are priceless too.