Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frantic Feline

I woke this morning to a frantic Siamese-hybrid (read mutt cat that actually looks like a Snowshoe) telling me all about the "white stuff." I don't know if he likes the snow and is just getting excited or if he's scared of the snow and panicking. Either way his reactions look the same. So right now I'm partially feeling sorry for him and also willing to exploit his personality for pictures. ;-)

It's Out There!

It Itches. Iz Allergic!

Halp, Momma!

It's really starting to come down now. Pretty soon he will head to the bedroom and flop onto the bed in exhaustion. Until then he remains vigilant, informing me of every flake that hits the patio. And yes, he does sound like a Siamese when he does this. I'm so glad his brother doesn't do this too.

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