Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Musings

I'm still pondering the blasphemy, rights of man, etc... bits from my last post. I believe I have things sorted out to my satisfaction but I want to be sure. At least in this situation I'm not starting from scratch. I do have a philosophy and belief system that I hold myself to without straining at the bonds so to speak. I just have to figure out my personal reactions to some recent news and events and determine why my reactions are what they are and how my personal beliefs color said reactions. That requires thinking.

However Sharon over at In Stitches mentioned in a comment on my previous post that she lost some "friends" when she changed her way of thinking. I would just like to say that you're not alone, Sharon. It's happened to me and I know it's happened to others.

I believe that if anyone is really a friend they won't discount a person who chooses to voluntarily rethink themselves. I also believe that some people need to rethink themselves in order to be happy and mentally stable. No fault should be directed at any person who is trying to better themselves for themself. Everyone else should not only respect that, but they need to butt out unless asked to stay.

A person who is rethinking should not be rethinking for anyone else but themselves, or possibly becoming healthy for their families. But again, it boils down to them choosing to be a better thinker for themselves. The family will happily benefit as well.

Maturing is a constant. Nobody becomes a twit or a philosopher overnight. It takes time. Even becoming close-minded takes time and influence. So becoming more open-minded takes personal dedication and personal effort to retrain one's self.

I have things I should be doing right now, so in closing I will say this. The most wonderful and truly Christian folks I know and cherish are the ones who accept me for who I am and have taken the time to understand why I believe things differently from them. They neither abandoned me as a friend nor have they tried to convert me to their beliefs in order to "save my soul." In turn I respect and cherish them and their opinions.

Friends like them, no matter what they believe are really the ones who make life worth living and enjoying. I hope that everyone out there finds friends like them sooner rather than later.

As for the "friends" who ridicule me, my lifestyle, and any other person who is different from them somehow... they're the reason I prefer the company of animals. Animals are less complicated and much more forgiving. They simply want their needs met and affection on their terms. So much less stressful.

And Sharon, I think you're an awesome person and if we lived closer I'd suggest meeting for a cup of tea and some fiber fun. I've got a ton of roving to figure out how to spin on the new wheel. ;-)


Karen B. said...

I had the inklings of big changes of thought to come when I was in my 20s. They began to steamroll in my 30s and have matured into my current belief system of today. It's so interesting how a little living can change one's perspective. It's indeed risky. It's not something I share with extended family, though. ;)

MiniKat said...

Indeed it is. Extended family can be the hardest to cope with when they squawk at you for "being brain-washed" or "joining a cult" or whatever else their flights of fancy take to. ;-)