Sunday, December 7, 2008


1. I'm seriously debating putting down the cheap-o white excuse for a tree skirt that I bought to be underneath my heirloom tree skirt just to see what the buns will do. Neither of them have even left marking pellets under the tree in a week. It would certainly look nicer with something under the branches and I would definitely see if someone was going to be naughty and piddle upon things.

2. I'm pondering calling the vet on Monday and asking about changing the steroid dose for Castor. His IBD is still giving all of us fits and I know he doesn't feel well. I wonder if a shot every other day for a week or two might help instead of just Wednesdays and Sundays. The other side of the coin is worrying about his blood sugar and his weight. We've discussed the risk of the use of this drug before and that's what makes me hesitate. Treating this disease for him is like trying to skate barefoot along the blade of a sword.

3. Do I keep my on-line store for doll house stuff up and running or do I take it down? I have only ever gotten one order since I started and that was a while ago. At least it's not like I'm paying hundreds of dollars in rent or trying to sell on consignment. And FH has a place for his blog and anything else we want web space for.

4. How do I convince myself that I really want to get some miniature work done in the next few weeks? I haven't seemed to care about it for a few months. Part of the problem is I moved away from my best mini friends and the new mini group here isn't much fun at all. In fact if I hadn't gotten suckered into running the 2009 miniature show for them I am pretty sure I would leave the group entirely. I made a commitment though and intend to stick by it until after the show is over.


Brad said...

You might try re-working your store with one of the various open-source e-commerce solutions -- even if you don't do payment processing, the ability to have an 'add to cart' and 'place order' button might entice more business.

That and more time / business cards handed out.

MiniKat said...

So does that mean you're willing to help me figure out the code for that? ;-)