Monday, June 22, 2009

More Dirt Under My Nails

The Summer Solstice was certainly interesting for us this year. For my friends who aren't on Facebook, FH's back went out late Saturday night. He's home from work today, but the rest and a heating pad are helping greatly.

Yesterday once I knew he was settled comfortably I decided to go forth and find a second blanket flower for the garden. A bit of hope that I might find a second pincushion flower was rattling around in there too.

Not only was I successful in both endeavors, I came across two shasta daisies that were just begging to be rescued from the place. It irritates me to see plants at big stores. If places that sold pets treated their wares in the same manner all kinds of laws would be broken. So for me, going to a nursery is like going to the animal shelter. I try to avoid it. But at least with plants I can afford to care for them, unlike the poor creatures at the animal shelter.

Once I decided the shastas were salvagable, I came across a solitary Iceland poppy that was a golden bit of determination and will to live. It still had a glorious bloom and a couple more buds inthe works. At that point I was in for the pound... Two gorgeous lupines and two plants of a domesticate violet also joined the cart.

Fortunately I had done some research and measuring in the front bed before I left and determined I could comfortably add these lovlies to the garden. I still am waiting on the candy tuft and moonbeam coreopsis from Mom and am looking for the right variety of lavender. But for now I'm done.

Once the sunlight starts getting to the far right corner I will get a better picture of the larkspur, lupine, and spiderwort.

The shatas are already starting to perk up, but I'm not sure the poppy and the blanket flowers are happy or not. A few more days will tell. I think I may need to get some mulch too, just to help with keeping moisture in the soil.


Terry said...

beautiful your garden !!!
hug from Italy

Caseymini said...

Kat, whatever FH was doing when he threw his back out, don't let him do it again! I hope he is well soon! Love the flowers!

Katie said...

Yes! Mulch is good!! :) It's going to be beautiful once everything grows into it's full size!!

Karin F. said...

I have a friend who thinks about plants & nurseries the same as you.
She feels she has to rescue them & give them a home

Kim said...

I hope FH heals quickly! Get well wishes to him. I feel the same way about big plant stores. Our local big chain has piles of "dead" plants in the dumpster beside the building every day and it breaks my heart. Most of the plants could be salvaged and grow healthy with a little TLC. If I was not afraid of getting arrested for stealing I would take bunches of them out and give them a good home. I can't wait to see your garden in a few weeks and see how it is progressing :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I feel the same way about plants. Looks like you scored a lovely combination; your bed is going to be beautiful this summer! (Lucky plants you rescued. :-)

The Carolina Quilter said...

I'm going to have to post pix of my daylilies. Love to see everyone's gardening endeavors during the spring and summer! Thanks for sharing.

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