Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frog and Toad

We've had some visitors in the garden recently. I thought you might like to see them.

FH met this fellow one day while he was checking the tomatoes.
This frog almost got squished when I was headed out for lettuces the other night. FH saw him in time and I went around from teh front door instead.

There isn't much to report on the mini front, or the garden front for that matter. Things are growing and watering is easier with the new hoses. As far as minis go, I've found a suitable case for the Shabby Chic room to be protected inside, but this will require a complete reworking of said room. More on that in future posts. I've also started a tablecloth for Ezzie's house. I was going to start her house, but I need FH healed so he can help me cut the base for the house to set on.

Speaking of FH, he's slowly feeling better. We're still waiting on the results from the MRI and until then we have no idea what the problem really is or how to treat it.

The new cable for the camera is here, so I can return the borrowed one to LittleD's mother. :-)

That's about it for now. Tomorrow I should have some pictures of the gardens.


Caseymini said...

Kat, I envy you the frog and toad. Just that reminds me that when April was little she loved the Frog and Toad books. Unfortunately, around here all we get is Colorado River Toads and they are no fun at all. In fact they are poisonous to other animals the try to get them. That little guy on your screen sure is cute. Do you know what kind of frog he is.

Tell FH to get well soon!

Debie Lyons said...

Wow, so lucky Kat, I love frogs and toads. I used to keep some Whites Tree Frogs called Ed, Edd and Eddie LOL Ages ago when I went to visit my Dad (he lives near Seattle) I stayed at my step sisters and went to sleep hearing the frogs calling. One of my fondest memories.
Healing thoughts to FH, hope all goes well and dont forget to take care of yourself too xxx
Debie xxx

Katie said...

I do hope Fh gets some anwsers soon! And that he feels better!!

Thanks for sharing the pics of the frogs!! I love it when you're in the garden and see that someone, Um I mean something, has come to visit!! Makes you think you're doing something right:)

Cate and David said...

Aren't they cute?! :)

Sans said...

Kat, your post made me realise how much I miss my frogs. These are the ones in my garden and they come and go as pleased. During the rainy season, their croaks lullaby me to sleep.A real talkative bunch! Loud too :). It is so hot hot hot now and I haven't heard them sing for a long time now.

Poor FH!

Debbie said...

Hope FH is soon on the mend.
The frog and the Toad will be keeping all the slugs and snails away from your plants. x

julie campbell said...

Hope FH gets better soon,
Great photos, we have frogs in our garden and we all love to watch them.
Your little visitors look so sweet and Debbie is right they will eat all those nasties that would otherwise eat your plants !
julie xxx

Leigh said...

Great photos. This month's issue of This Old House magazine shows how to make a little toad house. I hope FH's back is getting better.

Kim said...

I hope that FH continues to heal- and that you have some news about what is wrong soon. Nothing worse than waiting for answers. Debbie beat me to it- frogs and toads are great little munchers of things that like to munch your plants. I never kick a frog or toad out of my garden! In fact, I always tell them how happy I am to see them and please stay awhile :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Frogs are cool but they drive me nuts here when I am trying to sleep...I think they compete with the crickets !

Hope FH feels a lot better soon and you know what it is (((())))

MiniKat said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, ladies. We should know more about what is going on soon!

FH says thanks for the good thoughts. :-)