Monday, June 15, 2009

A Blog with No Pictures... like a pub with no beer. :-(

I ordered a new cable for the camera. It will be in here in "7-10 working days."

Of course that doesn't help the fact that I have great pictures from the weekend and pictures of the sewing projects sitting on the memory card.

I altered two shirts from the guys on Friday and finished the details by hand on Saturday. FH now has two nice bags to keep all his leather tools in.

FH has been working on a leather bottle cover for Baby Anna's bottles. It's so pretty. By the time the camera cable is here, he should be finished with it. He's also working on a couple of belt pouches.

I have some material for a new petticoat and apron for myself, covers for cushions that I already have but don't look period appropriate, and for long sleeved waistcoats for FH and another friend. Sometime next week I will go to my friend Donna's house and cut out the pieces for my stuff. I'm not sure if she has a long sleeved waistcoat pattern or not.

I need to do some actual shirts for FH and a couple of the other guys. FH and I are using our skills to make things in trade with some of the other people in the group. We're all poor, but many of the younger people in the group have skills to trade upon.

One couple makes soap. Really nice soap. I'm going to do some sewing for them and they're going to keep us in soap for a long time. :-)

Another guy carves spoons and spatulas. He needs some leather stuff and some shirts.

All in all we're going to be busily making things for a while. I'm hoping to have some things done for trade by the 3rd weekend in August. That's the next Rendezvous we're going to. But this means I can get back to the mini-ing again and not be rushed with the sewing. :-)


Caseymini said...

Kat, maybe you should replace the cat since it ruined the photo upload for the weekend. Nah. The replacement would probably do the same thing.LOL

Brad said...

Old Billy, the blacksmith, for the first time in his life,
Has gone home cold sober to his darling wife,
He walks in the kitchen; she says: "You're early, me dear"
Then he breaks down and he tells her , that the pub's got no beer.

Alice said...

7-10 days, is a long wait, if you are sitting by idly. With all the sewing you have planned, you will be anything but idle!

Do you have any nerd friends with a card reader you can borrow to download your pics from your camera? If not, I shall wait patiently for pictures too. :-)

Sans said...

Oh yes, it is a very long wait. I have been looking for one of those tool apron/belt for the longest time. I wonder if it gets in the way of making minis. Yeah, since I don't have a work room, I thought it will be great to have it in my pockets. Maybe I won't mess up the dining table that much or am I dreaming? Anyway, Kat, I got this old mini butter churner which really reminded me of you. Must show you one day.

Debbie said...

Can't wait to see your pictures Kat. Hope the cable arrives sooner rather then later.. x

Caseymini said...

Kat, I am giving you an award this morning. Even without photos, your blog is always entertaining. Oh! This means you will have a picture of the award to post! See? All is not lost.