Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From My Stash 6-17-09

Thank goodness for small favors! LittleD's mom loaned me a cable to pull pictures off the camera!!! Three cheers! :-)

I was in a hurry to get pics taken for this post, so this week's minis are ones that are on display on a small shelf in the dining room. Some have a future home in mind, others have no plan. But they are all ones that I love to look at so that's why they currently live on the shelf.

First are my daffodils from Tallulah~Belle! I love them so much! I really need to get the BD's kitchen dealt with so they can go to their home. :-)
This was a weeding gift from my mini friend, Barb H, in St. Louis. Eventually I want to make a wedding box with a recreation of our cake and my dress in it. I will probably put the sculpture in there too, unless it decides to belong somewhere else. You know how minis can get. ;-)

This iris plant is made to look like glass or gems stone. I fell in love with it at a mini show in St. Louis years ago when FH and I were just dating. He bought them for me. I think they will end up in the BD too, but perhaps they may end up in Ezzie's house.
Another gorgeous FH present! We were at a show in St. Louis (again) and I saw these lovelies on a table. FH loves orchids, so it wasn't a stretch to convince him to get them for me. They are destined for the library in the BD. Lastly here is a sweet little fairy I won as a door prize at the Peoria show last year. I can't find the card from the artist and I don't remember her name. I just love the tiny butterfly in her hand. I'm not sure if she is a 1:12 baby/toddler fairy, or a smaller scale adult. But her sweet face leads me to beleive the former. No clue where she will be living, except for the shelf where I can enjoy her. :-)
That's it for this week. Hopefully I will be getting some pictures taken of other hidden treasures in time for next week. ;-)


Liberty Biberty said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers! I'd have them all where I could look at them everyday too!

Kim said...

Wow, I love that wedding gift! The fairy is adorable- I am so glad you were able to borrow a cord so we could have our stash pictures- I really look forward to them!

Katie said...

I just love those daffodils!!!! They're my favorites!!

Mary said...

That fairy is so cute. I bet it was the mini flowers that sealed the deal to wed FH, eh? ;-)

And thank you for pointing me to your website! I didn't know you had one. I've added the mini tutorials to my new blog. Thanks for sharing the joy of mini-ing.