Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ball Point Pen + Full Dryer =

...an extremely annoyed MiniKat!

I've spent the last three days trying to get the ink stains out of the dryer itself and on the load of clothes that was affected. Right now I'm concentrating on the dryer itself since I think the clothes are either going to take more time or are totally ruined, depending on fabric. I'm to the point where I'm going to throw a load of wet towels that we use for the bunnies into the dryer and see if any blue comes off on them. If it does, then I clean some more. Ugh.

I did go shopping today to replace the un-savable pants from the dryer. Note that all but two pair of my summer pants (that still fit) were in that load of wash. *sigh*

FH is slowly mending, but he can't go much further without some physical therapy and maybe some injections of cortisone and/or steroids. We're going to the neurologist Thursday and if she thinks he will need injections she will send us to a neurosurgeon that she likes.

Minis? What minis? I was going to work on minis this Sunday? Hmm... well. Yeah. That was before the dryer incident.

I do have some pictures of the front garden though. At least the flowers seem to be cooperating.

I am hoping to actually make it to the post office in the morning. I have several packages to mail and I need to buy more stamps.

That's all for now. I am going to go wrestle the laundry and get ready to flee to my friend's house to vent and whatnot. Some days you just need to hang with your girl-friends... and other days you need your girl-friends AND the homemade mint chocolate brownies that one of them is famous for. ;-)


Caseymini said...

Your spiderwort is blooming!!!! It is beautiful!
Hugs from Tessie!

Caseymini said...

Kat, sorry to hear about the ballpoint pen disaster.....Could you dye everything blue? Running for cover! Don't throw those wet towels at me! Hope the doctor visit helps FH.


Alice said...

Ug. Laundry disasters can ruin a week. It has been awhile since I have had a pen go through the wash, but I do currently have pink hand towels in the kitchen, due to washing a red tablecloth, which didn't appear to bleed when I washed it before. Go figure.

Your new plants are looking great! My spiderwort plants have pink flowers.

I hope your FH mends soon! There is nothing quite like having an unwell male underfoot, no matter how much you love him. :-)

Debie Lyons said...

((((((((((( hugs )))))))) here is hoping that your doctor can help FH xxx

Katie said...

So, nosey me is wondering is you got anwsers as to Hubby's ailments. And don't tell hubby I said this, but cortisone shots hurt like hell, But are totally worth it...if that's what's needed! I only had to have them once:)

So sorry to hear about the dryer, it happens to the best of us...My boys always seem to get me, this week it was a PSP game, and Candy wrappers!! LMAO~ My favorite was Ham! Yes!! Ham!! My youngest didn't want to eat his Christmas dinner, so he hid it in his pockets:) HAM!! Hahaha....thought you needed a laugh!!!

...mint chocolate brownies?? Yum!!! :)

MiniKat said...

Casey: Of all the affected garments, only two can (and will) be redyed. One was the blue muslin shirt I made for FH's birthday a couple of years ago and the other is a lightweight denim shirt of mine. My pants were all partially synthetic, so they won't take dye well. FH's work shirts won't take dye either. I was already ahead of you in figuring out what I could salvage with a dye vat. ;-)

Alice: Tell me about it. Not only is he unwell, but his vacation starts Thursday morning. So he will really be underfoot then. ;-) Wish me luck!

Debie: Thanks. We'll need all the hopes we can get.

Katie: Ham!?! OMG that's funny! He's got two bulging discs in his back, and maybe a torn one. I'm taking him to my neuro gal Thursday. If he needs a surgeon, we're going to go to one that she recommends.

MiniKat said...

Tessie: I almost forgot to send you hugs back! ;-)

Jean Day said...

So sorry to hear about the pen disaster, so frustrating! Especially when it is your summer pants. Is there anything on google about taking out pen stains.. I bought an enzyme cleaner one time that was supposed to take out pen stains. Your flowers look lovely!

Mini Hugs, Jean

Katie said...

Oh Ok...Poor hubby! I wish him luck:) And you, too:) I've always said I rather have 10 sick kids then one sick man!! LOL....Hope it all works out for him:)!!

rosanna said...

The flowers ar lovel, the thought of a ballpoint pen into the laundry is appalling! Here there is a magic power called Remedia that takes most stains off the fabrics.I stinks like hell but it is worth the money you pay for it. I'm sorry for FH, I wish him all the best and send big hugs to you.