Friday, December 23, 2011

He'll Have A Blue Christmas

But that's ok, 'cause he's only going to be wearing blue.

One of the ladies in Guild has a new grandson.  He was born right before Thanksgiving.  She also hasn't been well this year and knew she'd never get anything made for him this Christmas.    I asked her about particulars and came up with these:

Happily I've had these booties cut out and ready to go since this summer.  As before, these are Vogue 7707.
 Same with this puppy.   (Vogue 7760)
 The only thing I had to cut out was the little boater-style hat.  Same pattern envelope as the other little hats I've done.

He also has a pair of the red and white booties.

Additionally I made a little something for his cousin in California.  Again I had the pieces already cut out.
Here's a close up of the mouth and nose.  Embroidery on fleece is a pain, but I think I'm getting better at it.
Both the bunny and puppy are from the same pattern envelope as the ponies from the earlier post.

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