Monday, December 5, 2011

Warm and Friendly Rivalries

One of my nephews is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan.  FH and I are Green Bay Packer fans.  But since we love him, we don't hold it against him.  Besides the Bears are a really good team... and they aren't the Vikings. ;-)

Anyways, himself outgrew his old twin bed.  Funny how teenagers do that.  So Aunt Kat came to the rescue with a ton of polar fleece.  I had a little help from the usual suspect.

To give you an idea of how big this blanket is, check out the back.  (That's my dining room table with one leaf in it.)
I whipped up some big pillows for flopping on too.

 Complete with zippers so my sister can wash them. 
I did make a third pillow but forgot to get a picture of it by itself.

Unfortunately you can't see the ear to ear grin on his face.  But believe me, it was there.
The rectangles are fat quarter-sized (18"x22") and sewn together wrong sides facing with a one inch seam.  Then I fringed the seams.  Three of the edges are fringed as well.  I made one end smooth so he wouldn't have fringe tickling his nose at night.  There are several seams down the full length of the blanket to keep it from trying to turn inside out in the wash.  I disguised them along the fringed areas.

The third pillow is behind him.  It's a football pattern print.  I found it as a remnant when I went to get more orange fleece for the back.  I also bought him a Chicago Bears Santa hat just because.

Ta da!

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