Saturday, December 3, 2011

Projects Everywhere!

I'm hoping I can safely think life might get back to normal, at least for a while.  I won't go into details because frankly there are too many.  The highlights include having two cars repaired and my hands gaining lovely scars on the palms.  In fact I couldn't work on any projects for the last two weeks of October.  I'm still terribly behind, but I'm catching up.

So here are the little projects that are finished.

 A set of blue and white potholders that I made for us.  I was trying to recreate my favorite potholder pattern before making sets for holiday gifts.
 They are slightly different in size because I used two different hooks, my original metal hook and a new ebony hook.  Both were the same size, but were made by different companies.  I found that I prefer the original hook to the new ebony hook for the potholders.  The stitches were looser than I'd like for the functionality.

One cool thing about the ebony hook is it's made by a company that utilizes scraps of wood leftover from making piano keys.  Lest waste = greener product.  It also feels great in my hand.

The ebony hook does work great with my towels.  Looser stitches don't affect the functionality in the least.  I have more of these in the works for the holiday gift stash.

Now for a different flavor of gift.

These were for a handsome baby boy whose parents are friends from college.
 These I whipped up really quickly when I found out one of FH's coworkers was about to become a godfather.  
I have a really large project that's been in my queue since this summer.  The next post will feature it. 



Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Que trabajos tan bonitos, me han encantado los zapatitos!! Un beso

Kathi said...

Your little booties are adorable! I love the Christmas towels too. One of my patients gave me two crocheted dish cloths that she made. They are too pretty to use.
I'm sure that your gifts will be well loved. :D They are beautiful!

Maria Ireland said...

Your tea towels are beautiful. I love the baby shoes.
Hugs Maria