Saturday, December 24, 2011

Isabella's Gifts

I got to play Santa on Wednesday for Ms. Isabella.  She came 6 weeks early, but is now home and doing well.

She has the yellow pair of booties in this photo, which will fit in March/April when it's still cool here.
 I made her the tiniest pair of red and white booties for this weekend.  They are the ones in the center back.
She has one of these:
And one of these:
Every girl wants a pony.
And finally the stocking that she can fit into, but we decided to let her eat in peace instead of slipping her into it.  The main body is a supple buckskin, trimmed with white rabbit fur.  The carved detail is the piece I showed you earlier.  I made a lining out of some red fabric and stitched the trim and lining on at the same time with a sewing awl.  Her parents are friends from the Rendezvous scene, so a buckskin stocking was very fitting.

I loved doing this stocking, but if I ever do more I'll sew them well in advance as the whole thing, minus the lining, was stitched by hand.

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Kathi said...

Such beautiful gifts for precious baby Isabella Noel. I love her name too. A baby's first Christmas is always so special. Merry Christmas little one!